Kids will love playing together with their friends and in one of the playgrounds. On Camping Den Osse are multiple playgrounds, which are located on the grass or in the sand. With multiple playground equipment children will never have a dull moment! They can climb, slide and plenty of rock, climbing, romping around. In the children's playground in front the camp site is also a bowling alley located, as well as table tennis and a football game.


Meet the Zeeland underwater world with Sealand Diving diving school, which is located at our camp site. If you want to get to know the underwater life, Sealand Diving offers the Grevelingen Experience. In this experience, you'll go under the guidance of a professional into the Grevelingen. This one-day experience is definitely recommended! Sealand Diving also offers a two-day certified PADI Open Water course. Led by a professional guidance you can get within 2-3 days your official diving certificate in the Grevelingen. Diving in the Grevelingen is an experience in itself! The lake is known for its many beautiful and unique plants and animals. The water here is usually pretty clear and the diving spots close to the campsite are excellent facilitated.


Camping Den Osse offers a fine holiday for those who like to fish! At the camp site are three fishing ponds located with plenty of fish. You are as camping guest welcome to fish. A fishing license is not required in order to use the fish ponds. All ponds are quite accessible and along the water are some benches. Guests can relax in a cozy camp site atmosphere to the pond. In addition to the fish there are also frogs and ducks in the ponds, as well as beautiful water lilies and other aquatic plants.

  • Please replace the fish after catching directly back into the pond, the fish are not intended for cunsumption.

  • Each one is expected to leave no waste, etc. at the fish ponds.

  • Rods with electronic bite message are not allowed.

    Fishing for predatory fish with live bait or lures is prohibited.